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Columbus Monument, Long Island, Bahamas

The road to the Columbus Monument is in need of repair, so plan on walking at least 3 miles to get to the monument. Please do not take my SUV to this monument as I would like to keep the shock on my SUV in good condition. Bring your sneakers, the hill is steep to the monument.

This 15 ft concrete iron obelisk memorial was built by Long Islanders in Oct. 22, 1989 to commemorate the arrival of Christopher Columbus on October 17, 1492. The road up to the memorial is a rocky path about one mile++ in. It is believed that Columbus stood here 500 years ago and took in the same view you will be seeing. Before you reach the memorial, about 1/2 way up the rocky road is a turn to the left that will take you to a lighthouse overlooking Galiot Cay about a mile away.

The inscription on the monument reads: "This monument is dedicated to the gentle peaceful and happy aboriginal people of Long Island the Lucayans and to the arrival of Christoper Columbus on Oct. 17, 1492."

When Columbus landed he named Long Island, Fernandina Island claiming it was the most beautiful island in the world.


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