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Facts about Long Island, Bahamas
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There are plenty of beaches to visit on Long Island. One is right outside the villa door. This is known as Thompson Bay. Our beach seems to go on forever. The beach tends to change according to season, weather, and gravitational pull by the moon. So the scenery is constantly changing like artwork on canvas. One week you will have nothing but sand and the next week you could have harder sand with thousands of seashells. Natural sponges and huge conch shells are other natural things you will probably see on our beach.

To the right of the villa (if you are facing the beach), there is a turtle preserve. These Endangered Turtles migrate back to their native beach to reproduce. Click here to read more about these turtles and other endangered species you may encounter during your beachcombing walk. For the most part, in the winter months the sand is soft and the tide seems higher. In January, you may start seeing the turtles laying their eggs on the beach. During the spring, you will see harder sand on the beach and turtle eggs start hatching in April and May.

Other noteworthy beaches:
Cape Santa Maria Beach
(north end of Long Island)
Columbus Harbor Beach
(north end of Long Island), this one-mile protected beach is where Christopher Columbus is said to have sailed up on.
Deal's Beach has a lot of pine trees offering shade along this 2 mile beach. It is located along the island's main Queens Highway road. Located on the Caribbean side north of Simms at Deal - you can view it from the road.

Ford's Beach is one of the island's best swimming areas with it's white sandy beach and crystal clear waters. Just beyond Roses settlement but before Gordons. At the Petrol tanks on the right take the next road to the right.
Gordons Beach -
Follow Queen's highway all the way to the end of the road going South. (See below...)

Grays Harbor Drive Beach - In Gray's, turn left on Harbor Drive and follow this road all the way to the end to reach a beautiful beach - possible surfing spot. Fisherman net in this cove. (See below...)
Harbor drive Grays beach
Guana Cay Beach - take the 2nd left on the road after the Pinders sign. Follow this to the end. You will see Guana Cay across the water. It is pretty shallow in this area especially during low tide. You can walk or swim across to the island which has ruins and many many hermit crabs. Bring bread for the Hermit crabs and perhaps hold a hermit crab race.
Harding's Beach - take the road to the left next to Hardings Supply store. This beach is beautiful and very close to our villa in Salt Pond. (See below..)
Lowe's Beach - Go south past the Blue Hole turn off and you will see a sign labeled "Compass" turn left here and follow the road straight to the end. Park at the end and walk down the road to the left. At the end of this road is a fabulous protected beach called "Lowes Beach". This is a great place to go on a windy day as it is protected by the reefs. Bonacorde on the Long Island map.
Love's Beach - located off of Stella Marais. Follow the signs.
Martin Jolly Beach - take the road to the left across from the Farmers Market in Salt Pond. Follow this straight to the end. You can also turn right before the Hillside Market to the left then turn left when you get to the end of this road.
McCann's Beach - (unnamed) - 200 yards wide crescent beach.
Millertons - off Queens highwaydrive to the old Millerton's High School (a yellow school on the left). To the back right corner of the school is a walking path to the beach. There are a lot of orchids on this path and fun horticulture to view. It's a short walk and a calm beach to spend time on.
O'Neils (two beaches) - good snorkeling.
Hardings Salt Pond Beach - The closest beach on the Atlantic side of the island to our house. Right next to Hardings Supply store, turn East and follow this road to the end. (See Below...)

Turtle Cover Beach
South End beaches

Biking: We have four mountain bicycles that can be rented for $25 a week. Depending on how in shape you are, there are numerous places to bike to. See Local Attractions.
Birding: If you are a bird lover, bring your binoculars. Some of the most exotic and interesting birds you may find are located right outside our villa. Watch for the Bahamas Parrot, Indian Flamingos, Green Heron, Bahamas Yellowthroat, Striped-headed Tanager, and many more. During the fall and winter months, migrating birds will fly through such as the Ruddy Turnstone, Black-whiskered Vireo and the Eastern Kingbird.
Boating and Sailing:

Long Island is the home of the best boat builders and sailors in the country.

We have a list of people willing to take you around the island on a boating tour. After you place your deposit with us, make sure to ask us for our boat tour guide list.

We have a friend who is willing to loan his boat to experienced boaters only. After you place your deposit with us, make sure to request his name if you are interested in renting a boat.

If you have your own boat, check out the marina's in Long Island.

Calendar of Events:


January: Third- Home Owners Reception. Sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism.

February 12-14: Agriculture Expo in Salt Pond. Enjoy local crafts in booths, watch them make fresh Conch salad starting with the shell. Learn how to filet a Lion Fish. Watch the judging of the sheep and roosters.

March or April: Cornfest Festival, Salt Pond. Sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, this festival starts with an opening church Service, family fun & Game-Night, Culture and talent Night, Farmers Honorary Banquet, Fun Run/Walk from the Life Center oasis to McKann's. An Agriculture Seminar, Corn Festival at Regatta park and a Gospel Concert at Beulah Baptist Church. Corn competitions, Kid's Corner, a Livestock display, Miss and Little Miss Corn and Miss Cornfest Beauty pageant, with lots of corn dishes, food and drinks on sale.

April: Free Diving Competition at Deans Blue Hole by Clarence Town.
Early Knowles Memorial cup races at the Regatta Site in Clarenct Town.

May: 6th Annual All Tackle Fishing Tournament, Flying Fish marina Clarence Town. Sign up at Cartie Co. 337-6066 or Chamcem Boats 337-0199.

June: Long Island Regatta and North Long Island Long Island regatta Site Salt Pond 43rd in Salt pond

July: Annual Long Island Homecoming Glintons Park, North Long Island

September: Bird Hunting Season Opens

Cave Exploring - Spelunking: View our list of caves to visit.
Churches: Click here for on churches on Long Island.
Croquet: At our villa we have a new croquet set that can be set up at your convenience in our sandy front yard.
Farmers Market: Every Saturday morning (9:00am to whenever) there is a Farmers Market held in Salt Pond, very close to our villa (turn right onto queens highway and the market is on the left by the telephone tower). They sell jewelry, baskets, fresh produce (mango, coconuts, papaya, lettuce, tomatoes, limes, lemons, etc.), wood puzzles, plants, etc.
Festivals/ Regatta: Long Island Regatta (held in mid- May or beginning of June). Our villa is the place to stay during the Regatta. If you have an interest in sailboats the Regatta is for you. Sailboats participating in the Regatta will pass right by our villa to get to Salt Pond (which is on the other side of the peninsula our villa is located on). You can enjoy the view from our Lanai. The Regatta is a big four day festival event held in Salt Pond where Bahamians build their own sail boats by hand and compete in the event. Bands play during the event and rum is served. Salt Pond is the main commercial node of Long Island. Another viewing option to is to walk down the driveway and straight across the road to the Bahamian Village (as of today Bahamian Village is not open but they hope to have a hot dog stand open during the Regatta where you can sit down under a hut to watch the Regatta). Or rent our pedal boat to get up close action. You can also walk to Salt Pond and board a spectator boat in for a close -up view of the action. The Regatta was started in 1967 by a boat lover named Rupert Knowles. Rupert has long since passed away however, his relatives are still found on the island. He is the grandfather of Judy Knowles (Judy owns a furniture store in Deadman's Cay). Judy Knowles also opens up bar area in the back of her furniture store during the Regatta. Click here for more on the Regatta.
  • CornFest, a celebration of the fruits of the local farmer's labour.
  • Long Island Regatta in June Mr. Raphael Cartwright / Regatta Committee. Salt Pond (242) 337-0122
  • Basketball Festival - middle of February
  • Model Boat Fest: North of Seymors on Newton's cay, Model Boat Fest takes place at Bridge Beach near Seymours each August or October, call Alvin Smith for details 242-338-5273
  • Fishing Competitions *Lionfish Hunt (242)337-6024 help erraticate the Lionfish, which is a threat to marine life in The Bahamas.
  • Free-diving Competition - world record set here in Deans Blue Hole held in November and April. (242) 337-6125
  • Winter Residences Celebration in February (242)338-8668
  • St Paul's Anglican Church Bazaar (242) 337-3802
  • Homecoming Festival - North Long Island Glinton's Park in February (242) 326-2156
  • July 9th Independence Celebration Clarence Town (242) 227-3030
  • Authentic Crafters Christmas Show (242) 338-8668
Fishing - Bone-fishing:

Bone fishing is the best you will ever have it in Long Island. In other words, it does not get any better than this. Walk out about 20 feet on the beach in front of our villa and cast our your fishing line for bonefish. Our bay is one of the best places to catch bonefish in the entire Bahamas.

Bonefish feed in shallow water. So you can see their tails splash in the waters by our villa. Problem is as soon as you see them, they seem to disappear as fast as they came. So there is skill involved in catching these fish who live in the most beautiful waters in the world. Even though they weigh in at more than 12 pounds they are one of the strongest fighting fish in the ocean.

If you are interested in Bone-fishing, simply request a list of bonefisherman after you have placed your deposit with us.

Fishing - Deep Sea:

Long Island is the ultimate destination for sport fishing. Bone fishing is the best you will ever have it in Long Island. The North Equatorial Current stream washes the shores of Long Island bringing with it schools of blue and white marlin, sailfish, rainbow runners, Yellowfin and blackfin (July - Dec.) tuna, wahoo (Sept. - Nov.), dolphinfish, snapper, grouper, jewfish, barracuda, horseye jacks, amberjack, and kin mackerel to name a few.

If you are interested in having a deepsea fisherman take you out to the best fishing places in the Long Island area, ask us for the list after you have placed your deposit down with us. Please note: all of our recommendations have grew up and know the best places to fish in Long Island.

Hiking: There are numerous places to hike in Long Island. Send us your adventures so that we can post them for other people. Columbus Monument is a great hike as well as a ship wreck in Loves Beach.

If you love to nature hike, I suggest to take the walk to Adderleys Plantation. Plants are labeled on the way to the plantation and you can see birds and wildlife.

Also hike around our house (see horticulture below).
Horticulture: Bush medicine has always been in the culture of Long Islanders. Flowering plants are everywhere on this island. Click here for learning about plants around our house.

We have two 2-person kayaks for rent $145 per week per one 2-person kayak and include back rest with two paddles. If you are interested in renting our kayaks click here. Please note: we do not rent kayaks to people not staying at our villa.

We suggest kayaking around the Thompson Bay cove in front of our villa on calm days. You can also kayak to the end of Indian Hole Point (head west up the shoreline in front of our villa) and have a picnic on the plush beach at the end of our penisula. Bring a harpoon and snorkel to try to catch your own lobster for dinner out at this small island at the end of the pennisula. It is recommended to tie the kayak on the beach and swim over to the island to hunt for lobster as there is no place to tie up the kayak on this island and it is made of sharp rock that will damage the kayak. If you kayak east, there is plenty of sea life in this bay area. Watch for stingrays, conch, sponges, etc. If you happen to see dolphin in front of our villa, they will let jump in and swim with them.

Library/ Museum: Long Island Museum in Deadman's Cay.
library museum long island bahamas
Part of the National Museum of The Bahamas/Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corporation, this museum is committed to the preservation and interpretation of the history and culture of Long Island.
Produce Stands: Organically grown produce is sold at produce stands up and down the island. In addition to fresh produce, enjoy homemade jams, honey, Conch Salad and pies at local stands.
Reefs: See Snorkeling and Scuba Diving. Long Island has some of the best reefs in the Bahamas.
Regatta: See Festivals listed above.
Restaurants: Click here for our restaurant guide and selections.
Scuba Diving:

Long Island has some of the best dive sites in the Bahamas. Best Dive Sites:

Awawak 'Green' Hole: A bottomless blue hole.
Conception Island Wall: A 40 foot wall that extends into darkness. Not a dive for the beginner.
Dean's Blue Hole: Click here for details.
Grouper Valley: Here you can see schools of Grouper congregate together. Best time is November.
Grouper Village: Bring some food as these tame groupers like to eat out of your hand.
HMS Southampton: It is believed that Captain Sir James Yeo hit a reef to sink the Southhampton in 1812. This is a huge stretch of reef in shallow waters starting at 10 feet deep and reaching 90 feet deep.
Shark Reef: Want to swim with the sharks? This reef is for you.

Ship's Graveyard: If you like to explore sunken ships and an old 1975 Ford van.
MV Comerback was a ship that sunk in 1986
Rum Cay Wall: a wall that plunges 40 feet deep

Closest dive shop is right down the road from our villa at the Marine store in Salt Pond.
For a list of people who can scuba certify you, take you on scuba dives, or rent you scuba equipment while visiting Long Island, click here.

Scenic Drives: The entire island is scenic. Just jump on Queens Highway and this runs the entire island from North to South.

By Love's beach there is a newer shipwreck that you can reach by foot.

There is another shipwreck in Guana Cay in just 15 feet of water. You will need to swim out to the Cay from Pinders.


The best grocery store, beauty salon, marine supply and liquor store are located in Salt Pond close by our villa - Those who live in the North or South of Long Island have a 45 minute car ride to get to Salt Pond, hence another reason why our villa is in the most desirable place to stay. There are several small shops on the island (did I mention they are small?):

Art Galleries:
Sandra Richie Pratt 242-374-2826

Fox Auto Body (Salt Pond) 338-0041

Bait and Tackle
Bonafide Fly Shop (Stella Marais) 338-2025
Fisherman's Marine (Hamiltons) 337-6226
Sea Fearer (Salt Pond)

Club Washington offers homemade bread (Thompson Bay)

Oasis Bakery (Cartwrights) 337-3003
Ritchies (Deadman's cay) 337-0004

Beauty Salon:
Marcies Beauty Spot (Salt Pond) (242) 338-0136

Books and Magazines:
The Readery (Cartwrights) 337-6210

Liquor Store: Fox Gift & KC2 Tool Store: (Salt Pond)- Shown below:

fox gift bahamas long island

Marine Supply: (Salt Pond)
Straw works:
Straw artisans are abundant in Long Island.
Simm's Super Straw
(next to the Methodist Church) in Simms.
Richie Rich's Gift Shop purchase straw-work in Deadman's Cay.

Handmade Creations:
Blissful Creations - Genuine Handmade Bahamian Souvenirs - Lower Deadman's Cay or at the Farmers Market in Salt Pond. 242-337-0074 (h) 242-357-1081 (c) 242-337-5001 (w) - Judith Rigby

Wemyss Creations - Handmade jewelry, plants, rock paintings, etc. Gloria Culmer 242-338-8216

In Millerton's you'll find a roadside straw works buy handicraft by local artists.

Straw artists
in the North of the Island include:
Cheryl Adderly
Elsie Knowles
Ester Minnis
Idella Adderly
Perline Cartwright

Straw artists in the center of Long Island are:
Julelah Knowles of Julelah's Straw Work in Simms.
Jennifer Turnquest (Hamiltons)
Dorothy E Miller
Berts Dry Goods
Cheryl's Creations 338-8322
Lorna's (Cartwrights) 337-0179

Straw artists in the South of the Island include:
Keva Turnquest (Deadman's Cay)
Julelah Knowles of Julelah's Straw
Maria Cartwright of (Hard Bargain)
HandiCraft a manufacturing outlet
( Millertons)

Ena L Majors Creations: (Clarence Town)
shopping shell crafts bahamas


Natural Products Factory (south of Petty) man-made liquors of rum and lime.

Wild Tamarind Pottery & Gallery. Pottery Studio with works from artist, Denis Knight. 242-337-0262

Wood carvings by Charles: Close to Grotto Bay in Salt Pond.

Island Styles 337-6213
D's Collection 337-2325 in Grays
Le Rose 337-0259

A little big of everything stores:
It's All Under The Sun 338-2025 in Mangrove Bush
Fox Gifts (Salt Pond) 338-0015

Cassidy Plants 337-6455
Flowers and Things by Emcee in Pettys 337-0345
M&R by Beverly in Millertons

Judy's Home Center (Petty's)

Hillside Market (Salt Pond) 338-0022

JB's Supermarket and furniture store - Deadman's Cay

Snorkeling on cays:

Long Island has some of the best dive sites in the Bahamas.

Right outside our villa is Sturrups Cay. Take a boat over to this Cay for some snorkeling in the Bahamas. Or keep going all the way to visit many cays all the way up to Millers. If you don't have a boat there is a couple of small cays at the end of the beach on Indian Hole Point that you can snorkel right off the beach and you don't need a boat to get to them.

Snorkeling sites on Long Island, Bahamas.
Columbus Harbour - This where Columbus landed.
Coral Gardens - Great to view turtles, caves and corals.
Eagle Ray Reef - Groupers and coral formations.
Flamingo Tongue Reef - Moray eels, craps and tons of fish.
Poseidon Point - Swim with the tarpon
Rainbow Reef - Elkhorn corals and sponges.
Rock Pools - smaller fish and crabs live in these shallow reefs.
Stella Marais Shark Reef - You can see many different types of sharks here.
Watermelon Beach - a nice easy site.

Swimming: Offered right outside our villa on the calm Caribbean side. If you prefer the windier Atlantic side, coming from our villa, turn left right before Harding Supply store and take this road all the way to the end.
Tours: Island tours by Land or by sea boat = We can recommend Land and Sea Tours, once you have placed your down-payment, simply e-mail us for a Land and/or sea Tour operator.

Our beach goes on for miles, the perfect site for a beautiful wedding.

Click here for more on weddings on Long Island.

Expect the following fees:
Marriage License fee: $100.00
Minister only: Weekdays from $150; Weekends from $175;
Rehearsals from $50 per hour.
Photographer only: From $350 per hour (color or black & white, 36 exposures, negatives & album). Additional time extra.
Videographer only: From $450 per hour with editing.

Click here for churches.

Windsurfing: Our beach is perfect for windsurfing in calmer waters. Or take you board over to the other side of the island to surf on the Atlantic.

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.watch boats from beachside villa

regatta boats seen on this beach

rental villa bahamas Regatta
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