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Getting Around with our Car / SUV rental, by taxi, Motor Scooter, or biking.
Long Island, Bahamas

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We highly recommend obtaining a car while you are on the island.

If you rent our villa, we can help you rent a car or SUV however, this will be through a separate company than us and we are not responsible for their cars. If you wish for more information on the car rental agency we recommend this be in our Welcome letter to you once you place your deposit down on the villa.

The island is long (90 miles) and the nearest Grocery store to our villa is about 2 miles away. The island is beautiful, so we highly suggest renting a car. Our villa is in the best location for seeing/touring the island as it is in the very center of Long Island. This allow you to tour the northern half of the island one day, the southern half the next day and the center of the island on another day. If you were to stay up north or down south, there is no way to be able to tour the island properly as it will take you most of the day to drive to the other end of the island. Our villa, being in the center of the island allows for you to enjoy your stay while touring as a leisurely pace.

  Please note: Most car rental agencies on Long Island charge $75. a day for a small rental car (however some charge daily plus mileage - so ask before you receive). We will provide you with a list of car rental agencies once you place your deposit.
By Taxi:

Please note: We have a taxi that will give you a discounted rate to our villa we will provide his name and telephone number upon receiving your deposit. Most taxi's are available at the airport waiting for customers. To be safe, call ahead. If you prefer a taxi, we will provide you with a taxi list once you place your deposit.
By Motor Scooter:

Please note: normally $40 a day.
  Inell Dietz
Burnt Ground Phone: 242-338-7049
By Kayak: We have two 2-person kayaks available for rent at $145. a week. Paddles included but bring your life jackets. Please note: we only rent to our house guests. Please do not call us if you are not staying with us. Click here to fill ou the kayak rental form.

Rent our villa

E-mail us with your reviews and discoveries on Long Island.

Rent our villa

E-mail us with your reviews and discoveries on Long Island.

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