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Local Services
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Newton, Long IslandSeymour, Long IslandBurnt Ground Long IslandHog Cay Long IslandStella Maris Long IslandGlinton Sound,  Long IslandMillerton Long IslandO'Neils, Long IslandSimms, Long IslandMillers,  Long IslandMcKanns, Long IslandThompson Bay, Long IslandSalt Pond, Long IslandGuana Cay, Long IslandThe Bight Long IslandGrays, Long IslandDeadmans Cay Long IslandMangrove BushHamiltons Long IslandDeans Long IslandLochabar BayClarence TownHard Bargain Long IslandRoses, Long IslandCabbage Point, Long IslandMortimers, Long IslandGordons, Long IslandAdderley PointGlinton Long IslandWemyssPindersCartwrights long IslandPettysDunmorebunches

(between Stella Maris & Millerton)

Gas Station

Grocery Store

Liquor: Bunches Liquor 338-8600

Buckleys: Long Island Museum 337-0500
Burnt Ground:

Beauty Supplies: Four wings Drugs (242) 338-7048

Adderley Supply sells groceries
Burnt Ground Convenience Store

Liquor: Midtown Liquor 338-7009

Post Office: Burnt Ground 242-338-2010

Cabbage Point : LP Gas (cylinder & builk), Petroleum Fuel: Pratt's Enterprises 242-337-2377

Books and Magazines: The Readery (242) 337-6210

Liquor: Smithy's 337-1056

RBC Bank: Cartwright's Branch
Tel: (242) 337-0001

Clarence Town:

Automotive: Milander's Auto (242)337-3227

Bakery: Oasis Bakery (242) 337-3003

BaTel Co: in government building

Clinic: with English doctor 242-337-3333

Gas Station:

Government Center: Clarence town is the administrative headquarters of long island. Government building shown below.


Grocery Store/Pharmacy : True Value Food Store Drugs and Notions 242-337-3903 Shown below.

grocery store clarence town bahamas

Medical / Doctor Services (242) 337-3333 English Doctor

Post Office: in government building
(242) 337-3030

Police Station: (242) 337-1064 or (242) 337-3919

Police Station in Clarence Town

Road Traffic Department: In government building

Culvers: Grocery Store: Long Island Meat & Fish 242-338-2016 (South of Stella Marais).
Deals: Tourist Office North Long Island (242) 338-8668 or fax (242) 338-8669 fax
Deadman's Cay:

Automotive: Cartwright's Garage (242) 337-0122

Bakery: Ritchies (242)337-0004

: at the southend of Deadman's Cay. 242-337-1222

Banks: Royal Bank of Canada 242-337-1044 Open Monday thru Friday - call for hours. ScotiaBank Monday thru Friday.

rbc bank bahamas

Bank: ScotiaBank Monday thru Friday.
Tel. 337-1029
Fax 337-1022

scotia banking bahamas

Beauty: Tamika's (242) 377-1422, Lynn's Nail Salon (242) 337-065,
Sharnessa's Hair and Nail (242) 337-0149

Cable Television: (242)300-2200

Bahamas Electricity Corporation (242) 338-8937

Gas Stations:
Bay Side Service Station 242-337-6130

Cartwright's Garage for automotive repairs, parts and service. 242-337-0122

Grocery Store: J.B.'s Supermarket & Furniture Store 242-337-1048
Deadmans Cay Grocery store

Internet and Photocopies: Click here.

Medical / Doctor Services (242) 337-1222

Police: (242) 337-0999

Post Office: (242) 337-1064

Telephone: BaTelCo - BTC Bahamas Telecommunications Co. (242) 337-1337

Water: Superior Drinking Water 337-1008

Glinton Sound:

Grocery Store: Rose Haven & Meat Market for fresh bread and produce.

Water: Yuma Crystal 338-5077

Gordons: Liquor: Crossroads 338-8052

RBC BANK: Gray's Branch 337-1044

Office of Local Government 242-337-1068

government center bahamas long island

Liquor: Falcon's Nest Wholesale & Retail Liquor Bar & Lounge

Guana Cay:

Bait & Tackle: Fisherman's Marine 337-6226

Beauty Supplies: Violet Major (242) 338-6227


Treco's Meat Mart & Building Supplies 242-337-0059 Proprietor: Harry Treco
Sunflower Food Market.

Gas: Treco's service Station 242-337-1005

Liquor: Cartie Co 337-6066

Pharmacy: Long Island Prescription Services 558-7194

Hard Bargain:
Hog Cay:
Lockabar Bay:
Mangrove Bush: Shopping: Its All Under the Sun: 337-0199
Newton Cay:

Grocery Store: Sunflower Food Mart 242-337-0249

Liquor: Yukon Jack Liquors 337-6050

Roses: Medical / Doctor Services (242) 337-1100
Salt Pond:

Atlantic Fisheries:
>Renter review "The owner Jerry was fabulous and sold us fresh grouper and lobster tails - great for someone who would like a meal or 2 at home."
- Sherry

Automotive: Fox Auto Body (242) 338-0041 Dennis Fox

Bait & Tackle: Sea Fearer 338-0094

Beauty: Marcie's Beauty Spot (242) 338-0136

Mail Boat:
arrives here.

Gas Station: Esso 242-338-0032

Grocery Stores:
Hardings HSC Food Store:
242-338-0022 Shown below.

grocery store food long  Island bahamas
Hardings Supply and Lumber Yard: 242-338-0333

Hillside Supply & Price Buster: Shown below: 242-338-0022 or fax 242-338-0023

groceries Salt Pond Long Island
>Renter review: We used Hillside Grocery! They had everything we wanted and needed. - Jen

Insurance: Professional Insurance (inside Marcie's Beauty spot) 242-338-0136

Post office: Shown below. Located in Fox Gift Shop.

Post office long Island

Seafood Market: > Renter review: We also had some food from the Seafood market at the Marina just up the road (west side) and the lobster and shrimp were incredible! - Jen

Seymour: Clothing: Barbie's Boutique 338-6005

Clinic: 242-338-8488

Gas Station:

Grocery Store:
Aside from a local grocery store, right before Simm's take a left to Alligator Bay. Here you will find a marina and are able to get fresh lobster and fish daily.

Medical: (242) 338-8488

Police: (242) 338-8555

Post Office: (242) 338-8423

Stella Marais:

Bait & Tackle:Bonafide Fly Shop 338-2025

Bank: Scotiabank- (at the General Food Store)- open Tues. & Thurs. 242-338-2000 call for hours. ATM
Tel. 338-2000
Fax 338-2002

Liquor: The Watering Hole 338-2059

Police: (242) 338-2222

Post office: (242) 338-2010

The Bight
Thompson Bay: Propane for Grill: Long Island gases delivers to our home. Ask for Rudolph Pratt. 337-2377, 337-2378, or 472-8176 cell.

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Banks: Deadman's Cay, Stella Marais
Clinic: Deadman's Cay, Simms, Clarence Town.
Gas: Simms, Salt Pond, Deadman's Cay, Clarence Town. Gas stations are closed on Sundays.
Groceries: Simms, Salt Pond, Deadman's Cay, Clarenct Town. Grocery stores are closed on Sundays.
Police: 242-337-0999
Post Office: Clarence Town, Deadman's Cay, Simms

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