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About the Regatta

Watch the boats sail to participate in the Regatta
right out your front window
on Long Island, Bahamas

watch regatta boats from beachside villa

Long Island Regatta (held in mid- May, early June).

Our villa is the place to stay during the Regatta.
Our villa is located on a privately owned peninsula named 'Indian Hole Point'.
One side is Thompson Bay, the other side of the peninsula you can see Salt Pond.
If you have an interest in sailboats the Regatta is for you.

Sailboats participating in the Regatta will pass right by our villa to get to Salt Pond on the other side of the peninsula.
You can enjoy the view from our Lanai.
The Regatta is a big four day festival event held in Salt Pond where Bahamians build their own single-masted sail boats by hand and compete in the event. Bands play during the event and rum is served in large quantities. Salt Pond is the main commercial node of Long Island. Another viewing option to is to walk down the driveway and straight across the road to the Parrots of the Caribbean. They have a wonderful view of the Regatta site (warning it will be quite loud - but you can always go back to our villa for some peace and quite). Bring your binoculars. You can also walk to Salt Pond and board a spectator boat in for a close -up view of the action. The Regatta was started in 1967 by a boat lover named Rupert Knowles. Rupert has long since passed away however, his relatives are still found on the island. He is the grandfather of Judy Knowles (Judy owns a furniture store in Deadman's Cay). Judy Knowles also opens up bar area in the back of her furniture store during the Regatta.

You'll hear the same song on every radio station during the Regatta called, "Long Island Breeze". It was written by Jerome Cartwright a long Island Born Schoolteacher to epitomize the essence of Long Island. It was composed and sung by Bahamian entertainer Pat Rahming.

Need a boat ride for a close up view of the race? Call TJ's at (242) 338-8978 or (242)472-0436

To find out more about the Regatta, contact
Long Island Tourist Office at 242-338-8668 or by fax 242-338-8669

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