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Shipping to Long Island

Alligator Bay Shipping take merchandise to Alligator Bay Development Company Ltd.
Hazel Adderley at 242 33 88 069
Take to: Tropical Shipping
9505 NW 108th Ave
Medley, FL 33178

305-805-7400 Irene Martin
Cars Take to Palm Beach - ask Irene for details.
Put final destination Nassau and address to
Your name here
c/o Alligator Bay Development
Long Island, Bahamas

G&G Shipping takes merchandise to Clarence Town.
954-920-9292 From Ft. Lauderdale
Talk to Shaun for cars.
Talk to Nicole for Pallets.
Carroll Shipping is Long Island Destination
242-337-0017 Marsha or Charlie on Long Island in Deadman's Cay.
Pallets are $130.
Pick up is every Thursday and pallets must be to them by noon on Wednesday.
Shipment will arrive on Saturday and then clear customs which will probably take until Tuesday.
Cars must be to them by Friday to leave on Thursday.
20' to 40' containers. 20' container is $1535.00
Take to:
G&G Shipping
1300 Eller Drive
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33316
Arrives Governors Harbor Long Island via Carrol Shipping. Deadman's cay

Bahamas Beach House  Villa Rental

Rent our beach house villa

218-722-0340 wk (Central Standard Time) phone and fax
218-348-1166 mobile
(Central Standard Time)

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