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kayak bahamas Please sign ,e-mail info@bahamasbeachfrontvilla.com, or snail mail contract to:
Bahamas Beachside Properties LLC
re: DeBora's Dreamscape
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Kayak Rental Agreement
This Agreement is made and entered in this ___ day of _______________, 20___,
between Bahamas Beachside Properties LLC, hereinafter called "Owner",
and __________________________, hereinafter called "House Renter".

The kayak which the Owner hereby agrees to rent:
one or two (specify here) _____ 2-person kayaks Pelican Pursuit 140T sit in kayak with paddles.
The Owner represents that to the best of his knowledge and belief that said kayak is in
sound and safe condition and free of any known faults or defects which would affect its safe operation under normal use.

Use of Pedal Boat:
The Owner agrees to rent the above-described kayak to the Renter free of charge if renting the house for a full week or $45 a day per length of stay if not staying a full week. Thereby if you are staying with us 4 days the rental is $180 as we have to take them out for use and cannot put them back until your stay is completed.

The Renter agrees: (a) that the rented pedal boat shall be used only for pleasure and not to carry any passengers for hire;
(b) that the rented kayak shall not be used to carry passengers and luggage or accessories in excess of the capacity of 800 lbs thereof;
(c) that the kayak will only be used within 50 feet of land of Long Island and not to use the kayak out at sea or on the Atlantic Side of Long Island
(d) not to use the kayak while drinking or sunbathing (as people have a tendancy to fall asleep which could cause them to drift away from shore out to sea);
(e) not to use the kayak for any illegal purpose; (g) not to operate the pedal boat in a negligent manner;
(f) not to permit the vehicle to be operated by any other person without the written permission of the owner; and
(i) not to be used by anyone under the age of 18 without their legal guardian in the kayak wtih them..
(g) the renter will bring their own life jackets with them in the kayak and wear them at all times.
(h) no more than 2 people will be in the kayak at any time
(i) TO RINSE THE UNDERSIDE OF THE KAYAK AFTER EACH USE to free it from salt water. This must be done after each use while trying to conserve water.
(j) the House Renteragrees to keep the kayak locked in place while not in use to prevent it from floating away or being stolen.
It takes two people to lift this 58 lb kayak due to it being so large. Please make sure not to leave the kayak by the sea otherwise you will find when the tide rises, the kayak will take off on its own.

The House Renter hereby agrees to take out their own insurance on the kayak as it is not under the owners insurance.

The House Renter agrees to assume all risk and liability associated with the rental and use of the kayak.
The House rental assumes all liability for the kayak and the House Renters own actions and any other persons on the kayak with them.
The House renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Bahamas Beachside Properties LLC, DeBora Bernick and family, and
DeBora Rachelle Inc from any loss or liability that may arise as a result of renting this kayak.

___ Yes, I would like the to rent the kayak.

I understand that the damage deposit will not be shown on my credit card statement unless something happens to the kayaks.
However, a temporary hold will be placed on that amount on your credit card.

Putting kayak back in it's original location:
___ Yes, I will make sure the kayak is placed next to th efront screened lanai of the house when we leave.
___ No, please hire staff to put thekayak back into it's original location. I realize I will be charged an extra $50. handling fee to do this.

Lost, Stolen, or Damage of Kayak:
House Renter agrees if the
kayak is lost, stolen or damaged while in their posession, they will be charged $2300. per kayak.
This is the replacement cost for buying a new kayak replacement, duties and taxes to get a new kayak with paddlesto long island.

PLEASE NOTE: on the back side of the kayak there is a string to let the rudder down, if you choose to let it down, please make sure to bring it back up before you get into shallow water. If you break off the rudder you are responsible for it's replacement which can be VERY expensive as it is really hard to bring things to the Bahamas (even if it's just a cheap part). These kayaks are new (brought over in 2014) and we would like to keep them as new.

By Signing Below, I agree acknowledge the fact that I am over 24 years of age and I agree to all terms and conditions of this agreement as listed above:


If you wish to use a credit card for this rental, please provide the following information

Please print:
Name of renter _______________________
Name on Credit Card: ____________________________________
Credit Card Billing address: _________________________________
City or Province ,_______________ State,___________ Zip _________ Country _______________
Telephone number: (_____________)_____________-________________
E-mail address: ____________________________________@ _______________________

Credit card information:
Type of Card (circle):

Credit card number: ________-_________-_________-__________
Expiration Date: (Month/Year) ________/___________
CVS 3 digit code on the back of the card (________)

Fax to: Click here for International Calling Instructions
or e-mail to: Info@BahamasBeachfrontVilla.com

I hereby give permission to Bahamas Beachside Properties LLC to charge my credit card for the amounts above. By signing below,
I agree to all terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.


kayak rental Specifications: New in 2013
Pelican's family of Sit-In recreational kayaks emphasizes tracking and speed while maintaining comfort and stability. They are designed to move easily on lakes and rivers for many hours of boating pleasure.
Pursuit 140T Sit-In Kayak
168 in. L x 30 in. W x 16 in. H
475 lb. capacity
Weighs 58 lbs.
93.75 in. x 23 in. cockpit size
RAM-X hull is strong yet lightweight
Drop-down skeg for tracking & ease of paddling
Molded seats
Adjustable padded backrests
Bow & stern carrying handles
Adjustable oversized foot pegs
Paddle tie-downs
Elastic bungee cords in stern
Day hatch with dry bag
Bottle holders
Weight: Approximately 65.6 pounds (LTL truck)
Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 169 x 30 x 17.25 inches.